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It’s time to debunk these 2 myths about pay raises

After you receive that next big raise at work, or reach a certain economic level, you may think you’ll achieve contentment, happiness, or peace. The reality, though, is that such levels may very well be false summits that provide illusory benefits and ultimately, lead to just the next goal to reach in an ever-upward tilting treadmill. More, it turns out, may not be better; and there are different ways to achieve greater levels of contentment and happiness, regardless of your financial resources.

Multiple studies have shown that earning more can be a double-edged sword. It’s certainly true that we all need at least a certain amount of financial resources to meet our needs and some of our wants. When we are struggling to survive economically, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to think beyond our current circumstance; and additional funds could certainly lead to reduced stress and anxiety. These studies have shown a correlation between having more financial resources and reductions in stress, as related to our current financial condition.


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