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Harnessing the Power of Stewardship 

to Elevate the World

 Over the next 25 years, the baby boomer generation will transfer upwards of $60 trillion to the next generation.

Unfortunately, we currently have all the makings for a failed wealth transfer of epic proportions.
That said, you can avoid potential disaster for your families, clients and legacy.

Build a Legacy to Last

Let me teach you how.


Watch, listen, or read.
My advice comes in every format!

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Inherited Wealth

Is it a powerful tool or a destructive weapon?

David York argues it can be both, depending on how you define and use it.


In this mind-expanding talk, he counsels us on the impending $40 trillion global wealth transfer and how to prevent it from becoming a deadly dynamite detonation.
- TEDx

TEDx Talk


For Families & Individuals

You have worked hard to build, preserve and protect your wealth.  I understand your worries about your legacy and your wealth transfer.

After working with over 7,000 clients, including billionaires, celebrities and sports figures, and business owners or entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, I began to see common traits and characteristics.

I have seen individuals, couples, and families make positive impacts in the world and successfully transfer wealth, intentionality and purpose to the next generation and, sadly, I have seen too many who have failed to do so, often with tragic results. 


For Professionals & Advisors

The studies and research is both clear and stark:  Wealth is being transferred at historic rates to unprepared heirs by procrastinating parents, half of whom have no meaningful plan, and, their financial professionals are doing little to nothing about it.

Five years ago, I specifically began working with other professionals as a highly-rated speaker and impactful consultant.

I can share with you powerful tools and processes to you so you can serve clients in a greater way that none of their other advisors are, whether it is in their estate planning, their own closely held businesses, or simply in life.


For Leaders & Learners

Leaving a Legacy is not just about an inheritance or estate planning. It starts at any phase of life with bringing direction, intentionality and purpose to your planning and practice.


As an author, speaker, estate planning attorney and CPA with more than 25 years of experience, I have found principles and processes that will help you with your planning, purpose and perspectives for wealth in the 21st century.


Find books and articles here with simple yet profound practices that support the goals of both high net worth individuals and those of  you who whose goals surround  wealth and a legacy that lasts.


"I am a highly cynical and critical, normally reserved old man. And so, I blush when writing this yet listening to David's presentation may have been the most important hour I’ve spent in some time."

Conference Attendee

"Simply the best estate planning presentation I have ever heard.  Estate planning for the holistic advisor at last."

Conference Attendee

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