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44 Values that Change the World

#1 Business Ethics book on Amazon after it's release.

Riveted explores the importance of understanding your unique core values and, through forty-four stories about real-life individuals who have embodied timeless values in exceptional ways, helps you deepen your understanding of these essential values. In this way, you can solidify your own core values and lead a riveted life--one that is held together by purpose, passion, and principle.


"The author's did a TED talk on the creation of this book a few years ago. They use the book as a means of finding common ground between parents and children as they do estate planning. By focusing on core values, they are able to find a way support both the vision both generations as assets are transferred. It is a wonderfully thought out means of creating unity in families by focusing on what matters most on both sides of the equation. I've gifted the book to a number of friends and clients."

Riveted Book

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