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Building a Legacy That Lasts

Learn how to successfully capture and pass your wealth to successive generations.

How much wealth do you possess?  What do you plan on leaving as an inheritance?  When most people think of the words “wealth” and “inheritance”, they do so from a purely financial perspective.  The reality, though, is that for most of human existence wealth was seen much more holistically.  It was seen in the sum of a person’s human capital (experiences, skills and abilities, knowledge, and narrative wisdom) and inheritance was primarily about teaching the next generation who they are and how to survive and thrive in the World. 


It is only since the Industrial Revolution and the creation of capital markets that the concepts of wealth and inheritance became more narrowly and myopically focused.


Entrusted: Building a Legacy That Lasts explains why today’s model for estate planning today is fundamentally flawed, especially for higher net worth individuals and families, and how it can be fixed.  Written by two estate-planning attorneys who have worked for years with families of all shapes and sizes, Entrusted reviews the seven disciplines employed by families who successfully capture and pass wealth in all its forms to successive generations.

"The book is both a "game changer" and an "easy read" -- comprehensive in its coverage, but in plain user-friendly language. Any family with material wealth (of any amount) and children and grandchildren who stand to inherit, would be well advised to read it -- more than once!"

Entrusted Book

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