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for The Gift of Lift by David R. York

The Gift of Lift is pure joy. Packed with captivating stories and rich insights, this book will challenge and equip you to live a better life. Highly recommended.

Margaret Feinberg

Author of More Power To You



Powerful … David dissects a world where purpose and stewardship transcend wealth and ownership, coaching us on how to obtain freedom and clarity.

Davis Smith

Founder & CEO of Cotopaxi



Stewards Book
Being a part of something greater than ourselves. This is the recipe for joy and peace. We all know this at our core, but we struggle with how to begin this journey. We worry about the cost of such a journey. David’s writing insightfully offers hope that the measured cost in time and effort is really the treasure in itself. David is one of the funniest and most imaginative people I know. A whimsical combination of steely intellect coupled with practical observations on humanity. This book (and all his others) has a prominent place on my shelf.  

Bill Townsend

Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer of Bluesource


The Gift of Lift, which really dives into the notion of stewardship and is about living a fully engaged life for something bigger than yourself, is both timely and needed in the world of hyper-consumerism that we too often experience today.   

Garrett Gunderson

#1 WSJ Bestselling Author of Killing Sacred Cows



If you love your family and want your children and their children to be contributors to society rather than merely consumers, The Gift of Lift is must-read. It is an insightful and even inspiring guide full of important information and ideas on how you can elevate future generations. I love the book and will be recommending it to everyone who loves their family and wants to create a lasting legacy of caring and capable heirs.

Lee M. Brower

Founder of Empowered Wealth, LC, author, speaker



The Gift of Lift is a powerful book that shows us how to find purpose and meaning in our lives. Through the author's journey and multiple stories from incredible stewards across human history, David demonstrates how we can create a more fulfilling life by investing in something bigger than ourselves. This book is perfect for anyone looking to create a more challenging and rewarding path in their life, their family, and their business driven by purpose and lasting impact. In the end, David also provides a valuable how-to guide to find your own stewardship journey.

Juana Catalina Rodriguez

Founder and CEO, Author of Unsettled Disruption



The Gift of Lift beautifully and articulately lays out the difference between ownership and stewardship, a key distinction for any for-profit (or even non-profit) enterprise and one sorely missing from our culture today. Using the language of values and virtues from ancient to modern times, David inspires the reader to identify, articulate and lead with purpose.

John Montgomery

Founder, Bridgeway Capital Management and Bridgeway Foundation



David’s legacy will not be because of any mastery of estate planning (though make no mistake, he is a master). Rather, his will be one of stewardship—not of wealth, but of people—as he has dedicated his passion and pursuits to teaching and inspiring countless others to lead lives of greater intentionality and impact for the benefit of those around them.  The Gift of Lift is a simple, yet profound, treatise on just that—how to positively impact the people around us, irrespective of the resources we may (or may not) have at our disposal. One comes away feeling both uplifted and resolute in quietly leading a life of greater purpose in service to others.

Chris Klomp

Tech Entrepreneur



What a wonderful and inspiring book.  David has provided readers in all cultures with a roadmap for becoming a Steward – someone with a transcendent purpose who is “all in.” The world needs all the stewards the Divine can provide!

Fred Kiel

Author of Return on Character



The Gift of Lift is an amazing journey into what is truly important in your life and your family. Although it is a dynamic delve into the concept of “Stewardship,” as I read, I couldn’t help critically examining my own priorities and how to better influence my own family values. It is a must read for anyone interested in holistic family planning. 

Andrew L. Howell, Esq.

Estate Planning Attorney and Author, Entrusted:  Building a Legacy That Lasts




I have been advising multigenerational families for nearly 25 years.  When I moved to Ronald Blue Trust to help build out the firm’s Family Office division, one our early initiatives was to incorporate the principles set out in David’s first book, Entrusted: Building a Legacy that Lasts.  The lessons of that book were so thoughtful and clearly explained we have practically made it required reading for new hires within the Family Office.  In his latest book, The Gift of Lift, he has done it again. One of the most powerful life lessons we can teach next generation family members is that they are healthier, happier, and more fulfilled when they pursue a life of purpose and meaning.  This book does an excellent job illustrating the difference between pursuing happiness versus purpose.  This too will likely become required reading.

Skip Perkins

Ronald Blue Trust, Family Office Division



David does an excellent job examining and demonstrating the power of stewardship. His research for this work was exceptional, and his examples are spot-on. Those seeking to make a greater, positive impact in our families and communities should read this book.

John H. Nebeker, LUTCF®, CLTC®, CASL®

Nebeker Financial Services, Inc.   



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